EWI Pro Training Courses

EWI Pro Training Centre

The EWI Pro Training centre launched at the beginning of 2015 and is situated in our head office in Brentford, London. We also have a satellite training centre up in Ipswich and we can also offer on site training if required.

Our market leading training modules have been approved by the BBA certification body and involve a mixture of theory and practical training sessions.

Our training comes in 3 modules designed to guide you through all the important knowledge and technical know-how you will need to install the EWI Pro system professionally.

Training Modules include:

Course 1: An introduction into solid wall insulation & Rendering

This module is an introduction for those new to the industry or interesting in learning more about the EWI Pro systems

  • What is solid wall and why would you get solid wall insulation
  • The types of solid wall insulation (mineral wool, EPS and PIR board)
  • EWI Pro Solid Wall Insulation overview
  • What is rendering / Types of render
  • Comparisons with cavity wall insulation (process / thermal efficiency)
  • How are the systems installed (PRACTICAL)

Who is the course suitable for?

  1. Experienced installers already within the EWI trade looking to learn specifically about the EWI Pro products.
  2. Project managers who are overseeing installs to give them a greater understanding of the install process.

At the end of this course, participants will be awarded a CPD training certificate as well as the EWI Pro Green Card, allowing discounted products from our partner EWI Store.

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What does this course cost?

This is a free 1 Day Course.

Course 2: Install Basics – Boarding & Rendering

This module covers the basics of the insulation installation process – areas covered include:

  • Priming and Pull tests
  • EPS  and mineral wool – adhesives / boards / mechanical fixings / mesh
  • Preparing the wall prior to rendering – reinforcement layer and priming.
  • Different types of render available and pros and cons of each.
  • Rendering manually and with the spray machine

Please note that the majority of this module is practical demonstration so please make sure you bring a change of clothes. As always, health and safety is paramount in any building works. Within this module we discuss the various hazards you may come across on site and the ways that you can go about mitigating them – including scaffolding safety and handling tools on site.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Installers looking to use EWI Pro systems

At the end of this course, attendees will be approved EWI Pro installers and will be in receipt of a Gold card – not only does this offer even more competitive prices with our partner EWI Store, we will also offer manufacturer backed guarantees to Gold card holders. We do require site audits to take place on Gold card holders.

What does this course cost?

This is a 1 Day course costing £199 + VAT

Course 3: Installer Masterclass – Masterclass (different finishes / detailing)

Most installs don’t involve rendering / insulating a flat, windowless wall. In this module we discuss how to deal with the various features you may come across like downpipes, flues, vents, window reveals, the DPC, cills and facia boards. Crucially we discuss how to extend the roofline or ‘cap’ the insulation protecting it against water ingress. We also look at the different finishes that can be achieved with the different EWI Pro renders.

Areas covered include:

  • Basic render, scratch render, mosaic render
  • Strengthening mesh layers
  • Detailing – hot wire cutter to produce a finer finish.
  • Dealing with unusual auxiliary items.
  • Insulating below the DPC
  • Working around gas meters and other detailing

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Experienced installers already using the EWI Pro external wall insulation system.

At the end of this course, attendees will be approved EWI Pro installers and will be in receipt of an EWI Pro Platinum card (Course 2 needs to be completed prior to attending Course 3).

What does this course cost?

This is a 1 Day course costing £199 + VAT

Why train with EWI Pro?

EWI Pro is fast becoming the most popular solid wall insulation and render system in the UK, be used by hundreds of installers big and small up and down the country.  EWI Pro is the only solid wall insulation system specifically designed for the UK building sector and as such offers unparalleled performance as well as great value.

By attending our training courses you will then be able to get access to trade discounts as well as our 365 day a year product support.

If you are interested in attending our training courses please click below to see when we are next running one of our training courses.